Head Check
Head checks are available to identify and confirm a case of lice and their eggs.  Not always is an itchy scalp or rashes appearing on a person’s neck Head Lice, in some cases it could be due to dandruff, product or stress!
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Initial Treatment
An Initial treatment is the first step to being Lice and Nit free, using state of the art equipment our team will use the traditional combing method to remove lice and their eggs. Using nothing but all natural products that do not contain any chemicals!
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Follow Up Treatment
Follow Up treatments are your final step, a repeat of an Initial treatment to ensure all lice and eggs are removed. A certificate of clearance will be received up completion, our staff will guide you in how to remain lice free.
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Contact us
Appointments are essential, bookings are welcome via phone, email or in clinic.
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About Us & What We Do

At The Lice Lounge we are a professional team of highly skilled head lice technicians, we understand both the time strain and urgency to eradicate head lice immediately when evident. Our staff has several years experience in professional head lice treatment and are here to make this as pleasant and rest assuring process as possible. The Lice Lounge is a qualified head lice clinic in Melbourne suburb of Carrum Downs where you will be provided a certificate of clearance of all lice and their eggs upon completion of the follow up consultation, giving you a 100% guarantee. Whether our clients are adults, teens, children or infants we cater to all age groups, offering entertainment on televisions, books, magazines and toys. The Lice Lounge is completely wheelchair accessible, making it easy for clients who are disabled and parents with prams. If you are looking for natural head lice treatment Melbourne we cater to your needs, we strive to use less damaging and naturally friendly products in our nit removal and head lice treatment techniques. The Lice Lounge strictly uses and supports Australian owned products, products that are not tested on animals and do not contain any direct petrochemicals. Our clinic is situated opposite Carrum Downs Regional Shopping Centre giving you the opportunity to catch up on some shopping and utilise the time your child is with us.


At The Lice Lounge you receive the skills of a professionally experienced team who knows how to effectively handle head lice treatment and nit removal for your child. We are one of the leading head lice clinic Melbourne focused on  natural head lice treatment in Melbourne for all ages. Although the majority of our clients are children and teens we are qualified in head lice removal for adults and infants where you can gain a certificate of clearance of all lice and their eggs.

When it comes to head lice treatment Melbourne The Lice Lounge is a prominent head lice clinic in Melbourne suburb of Carrum Downs where clients come to us from far and wide. Our skilled team has accumulated years of experience in nit removal around Melbourne and head lice treatment Melbourne so you can be confident you are in good hands.

Testimonials & Clients

At The Lice Lounge we value feedback on your experience with us so we can keep our standards up to yours.

Georgie L

Thank you to the team at The Lice Lounge, I spent hundreds of dollars and hours of my time trying to get rid of these lice! The team were prompt and were able to see my daughters that same day… Great service, would highly recommend!

Casey N

I will never attempt lice removal myself again, Ari and Olivia made me feel so comfortable as I was completely freaked out by lice. Always a great group to chat with & are very patient. I have four kids aged from 2-9 years old & they have been able to keep all four happy during this process! As a precaution every school term I take my kids to be checked here. 10/10 service, cost & quality