Frequently Asked Questions

Do Lice Prefer clean or dirty hair?

Lice do not discriminate, Infestations can occur in clean or dirty hair.

Will hair dyes or bleach eliminate an infestation?

No, in fact depending on the colour of dye you will actually colour the eggs. Mature Lice close to the end of their life span may become affected but this will not eliminate the infestation.

Why do I need to treat again in seven days time?

Head lice eggs (nits) take 6-7 days to hatch. When treating it can become possible to miss one egg. By treating again in 7-10 days time you are aiming to remove the Nymph.

Does my child have to miss school?

Under the School Education Act 1999, a Principal may exclude a child with head lice from school…..And according to the Health (Infectious Diseases) Regulations 2001, children with head lice may be re-admitted to school after head lice treatment has commenced. At The Lice Lounge we will issue a certificate of clearance immediately after the first treatment . This Certificate can be presented prior to your child going back to school as proof of treatment commencement

What treatment kills 100% of head lice or eggs?

There is no single product on the market that kills 100% of head lice or eggs. Whichever product or lotion you choose, it takes time and persistence to get rid of head lice. We only recommend that you use products and methods that will not risk the health of your child.

Can you have lice but not be itchy?

Yes, only 53% of people itch when lice are present. That leaves 47% of people who don’t at all! People who become irritated, itch and red are allergic to lice feces and their saliva.